Downloading Map Layers

There are 2 ways to download map layers:

  1. Download an individual map layer as a KML or shapefile.
  2. Download all the map layers for a certain stewardship site.

To download an individual map layer:

Some layers can be downloaded.  In the layer organizational tree select the layer you want to download. If it is downloadable the Download button will activate.  Click the  Download button, and then select either the KML format or shapefile format.  The file will then download and can be viewed in Google Earth, ArcView or other programs.  You can also email and share it with others.

To download all the map layers for a stewardship site:

Under the Restoration Map menu, select Download all KML for site. Select which site you wish to download, and click the Download button. This will download a KML file containing all map layers for which you are authorized to view. If you wish the download to include private map layers which you are authorized to view be sure to login before downloading the KML.