Editing the Map

This page has instructions on how to add, edit, and delete map layers. To edit the map you must be registered as a site steward or site assistant. Please Contact Us to learn how to get registered.

Login to Restoration Map:

To edit the map you must login first. Click Login in the menu bar at the top of the browser window. Enter your email and password and click the Login button.

Stewardship Sites, Site Stewards, and Site Assistants:

The hundreds of map layers on Restoration Map are organized by stewardship site.  Users can be registered as either a site steward or a site assistant.  Site stewards can add new layers to their site, and edit or delete any layer in their site.  Site assistants can add new layers to their site, but can only edit or delete layers they created.

Entering New Layers:

Registered users can add layers to their stewardship sites that are color-coded to provide uniformity amongst all sites.  Each prescribed burnsbrush removalseeding, and weed control layer consists of a single polygon or point.  Each trail layer consists of a line.

There are two ways to enter new layers in Restoration Map:

  1. By drawing directly on the map. Scroll down for directions.
  2. By uploading a KML or GPX file. Click here for directions.

Under the New menu, select the type of layer you would like to add.  The New Layer panel appears in which you enter information about the layer.  If you are registered for more than one site, you must select which site this layer should be saved to by using the pulldown menu.  For Date, you must enter at least the year.  If the specific month or day are unknown you can leave them blank.  The Title and Description are not required, however they may be useful.  The Description can include details about the work such as weather conditions, plant species, herbicide, number of volunteers, etc.  For Planning and Other layer types, you also select what color the layer should appear on the map.  Don’t click on Save yet, you still need to draw the layer!

On the map zoom into the proper location.  Click on the map to start drawing the new layer.  A circle will appear at the point you clicked, click another point on the map to create the next “corner” of the shape.  Keep adding “corners” until your shape is done.

Be sure to zoom in close and try to be as precise as possible.  If you mess up, click the Clear button and redraw the layer.  When you are done with both drawing and entering the layer information click Save.  You can then view your new layer by turning it on in the layer organizational tree.

Additionally, you can make a map layer private or public. Public map layers are visible to anyone who visits Restoration Map. Most map layers should be public. Private layers are only visible to certain Restoration Map users once they login. You can allow other users to view your private map layers by adding them to the list of authorized users.

Editing and Deleting Existing Layers:

In the layer organizational tree select the layer you want to edit.  If it is editable the Delete and Edit buttons should activate.  Remember you can only Delete and Edit layers for which you are registered as a steward.  Click the Edit button to edit the layer.  On the map you can move the points of the layer shape by clicking and dragging.  Click Save when you are done.